"Gita Pande was my personal trainer when she lived in Maryland. I looked forward to each and every session, because Gita always came prepared and kept our sessions interesting, balanced, and fun. She is attentive to good form and adjusts exercises to your particular needs. Highly recommend her!! Let me add that when she is visiting family in MD, she always gets in touch with me and I ensure we can squeeze in a couple of workout sessions - its a fabulous reboot!"

-- Nina Falk, (2017-to Present)

"I write this letter of reference for Ms. Gitanjali Pande with no reservations or conditions. As background, Ms. Pande was in our employ as a personal chef for approximately 18 months until she moved from Washington, DC to New York, NY (now she cooks for us once every few months when she is visiting family in DC and we are beyond delighted to have her back in our lives!). During her period of employment with us, Ms. Pande was unfailingly hard working, focused on pleasing us as customers, kind and absolutely trustworthy.

Regarding her work ethic, Ms. Pande always cooked a wide array of exquisite dishes for us during very reasonable time frames. Ms. Pande always cleaned all kitchen equipment and work spaces very well. As we almost always had her prepare menus, she would spend a lot of time communicating with us in advance suggesting potential dishes; once we decided on what we wanted, she would give us detailed and easy to follow grocery shopping lists. While much of the time Ms. Pande cooked for us we were at work, on occasion one of us was home and her demeanor was nothing but positive and a pleasure to be with during these times. Finally, without hesitation, we gave Ms. Pande a key to our home and our alarm code. She came and went without incident and from our side, without the least bit of concern.

I recommend Ms. Pande for employment. Not only is she a highly skilled personal chef, she strives to please her customers and is perfectly trustworthy. Should you wish to contact me for further information, please feel free to email me at Fernandez_roger@hotmail.com or text or call at 202-966-1753."

--Roger & Lynne (2017-to Present)

"Gitanjali Pande, or affectionately known as Ms. Gita or Chef Gita, is not only a wonderful Chef but she is a warm and pleasant individual. Just as she mixes fresh ingredients and spices to warm your stomach, her charming personality will warm your heart. Chef Gita has prepared food for my elderly mother for over a year. She prepares nutritious and organic meals with only the freshest ingredients. We are so thankful to call her our Chef but we are even more thankful to call her our friend. Thank you Chef Gita for the opportunity to tell others what is always in our hearts. Chef Gita, YOU Rock! 

  -- Denise Porter & Shirley Lane, Washington, DC (2014-2015)

"Gita is an experienced nutrition expert, talented cook, and wonderful person. Over the last couple of months, I was delighted to have the opportunity to spend three sessions, about 2 hours each, talking and cooking with her. She’s responsive with the foods I wanted to learn to make – including kid-friendly versions – and we made a great assortment of Indian dishes. I highly recommend her for nutritional advice, great food, and an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours."

-- EG in Takoma Park, MD (2015)

"Some friends and I did an Indian food group cooking class early this year with Gita, and we had a great time! Great food, and lots of fun. Gita was great to work with, her instructions were easy to follow, and the food was delicious! Also, very reasonably priced. She'll either do the class in your place or hers. Highly recommended!"

-- GF, Takoma Park, MD (2015)

"Gita has a compassionate, soothing manner that left me feeling encouraged and uplifted after every health consultation session.”

— MS in Shanghai, China (2013)

“I learned a lot about healthy eating and shopping without feeling at all overwhelmed. It was quite easy to change some of my ingrained habits with her support along the way. And I really looked forward to the health consultations. They were not only enjoyable but also eye-opening and made me rethink and re-evaluate a lot of my lifestyle choices.”

— PR in New York (2012)