With my health & wellness services, I will support you to set and accomplish your health-related goals, understand and reduce your food cravings, increase your energy levels, feel great in your body, and learn about exciting new foods and healthy recipes.

Below are 3 Health & Wellness Package options that can be combined in different ways to suit your needs:




Package 1

Healthy Cooking (classes or personal chef services), Small-group Catering, & Kitchen Makeovers

One complimentary 30-minute discussion around your food preferences, allergies, requirements.

Specialize in healthy vegetarian and vegan cooking (particularly Indian), in greening your kitchen, & in healthier snacking options.


package 2

Personal fitness sessions. 

One complimentary 30-minute health assessment & 30-minute sample workout.

Specialize in working with women ages 45+ to improve their flexibility, mobility and strength training.


package 3

Health Consultation

One complimentary 1 to 1.5 hour health assessment & follow-up consultation.

Specialize in supporting clients to cope with and overcome their undesirable food & lifestyle habits and work towards building new ones. Consultations are customized based on your health concerns.

package 4

Combination of any or all of the above packages.

Included program benefits

  • Free access to my bi-monthly newsletter with health-related news, health tips, and healthy recipes

  • Free email and phone support between coaching sessions

  • My personal commitment to your health and success



To decide if any of these health and exercise programs works for you, please schedule an introductory consultation.  During this session we will briefly discuss your health and lifestyle goals.