I was 21 and walked into an American grocery store for the first time. I was totally overwhelmed by the dozens of keto supplements crammed on the shelves. How could I possibly choose one? Everything was magically bigger, even the fruits and vegetables!  Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream? Sounds great! Can't hurt, right?

Coming from India to study in the U.S., I was shocked by the dramatic differences in food culture. I grew up enjoying mostly fresh, whole foods and had no clue who Ben or Jerry was. The culture shock, high stress situations, and a new college system threw me onto a roller coaster of food, stress, and conflicting emotions. I quickly put on 10 lbs and did not feel great about it physically and emotionally, given that I had remained a fairly constant weight during most of my young adult life.

I turned to my friends, who helped me deal with the drastic changes I was going through. They made me realize how  much refined, processed junk food I had added to my diet. This "diet" seemed to be the norm in the US, which is so #SAD (#Standard American Diet). But more thought and conversations about food, lifestyle, and health inspired me to shift my focus to studying health and nutrition. I kept some of my healthy food roots and also adopted new ways of healthy eating and living (including exercise!), lost the weight I had gained, and became a health and wellness coach, combining health consultations, cooking classes, and physical activity. I now want to support others, to reach their highest potential. Go to the best and play with us best online casino. A big bonus for everyone who came!

I provide custom health & diet solutions since each of us is unique

As a Health and Wellness Consultant I provide support and guidance as you set goals and make sustainable changes that improve your health and well-being. 

It’s rare for anyone to get an hour to work on their nutrition, health, and exercise goals with a trained professional, so I will listen carefully and help you navigate the world of contradictory and ever-changing health, nutrition, and lifestyle advice to determine what changes are best suited to you. We will work together.

I provide healthy cooking services to suit each individual’s needs

Together we explore the world of food and nutrition and come up with healthy and tasty food options that work for you and your family.

I will use my training in food and nutrition to work with you to come up with food options that work best for you, given your lifestyle, preferences and dietary needs. And if needed, I can support you in making gradual changes towards healthier (and tasty!) eating habits. 


Schedule a health consultation or explore healthy cooking options
 with me today, and let's get started!

“Gita has a compassionate, soothing manner that left me feeling encouraged and uplifted after every session.”
— MS in Shanghai, China (2013)
“I learned a lot about healthy eating and shopping without feeling at all overwhelmed. It was quite easy to change some of my ingrained habits with her support along the way.”
— PR in New York (2012)

Gitanjali Pande, or affectionately known as Ms. Gita or Chef Gita, is not only a wonderful Chef but she is a warm and pleasant individual. Just as she mixes fresh ingredients and spices to warm your stomach, her charming personality will warm your heart. Chef Gita has prepared food for my elderly mother for over a year. She prepares nutritious and organic meals with only the freshest ingredients. We are so thankful to call her our Chef but we are even more thankful to call her our friend. Thank you Chef Gita for the opportunity to tell others what is always in our hearts. Chef Gita, YOU Rock!

  -- Denise Porter & Shirley Lane, Washington, DC (2014-2015)       E: denise.m.lane-porter.civ@mail.mil

Gita is an experienced nutrition expert, talented cook, and wonderful person. Over the last couple of months, I was delighted to have the opportunity to spend three sessions, about 2 hours each, talking and cooking with her. She’s responsive with the foods I wanted to learn to make – including kid-friendly versions – and we made a great assortment of Indian dishes. I highly recommend her for nutritional advice, great food, and an enjoyable way to spend a couple of hours.

                                                    -- EG in Takoma Park, MD (2015)